With the smell of “vacation” right around the corner , that also means that this is a good time to start sitting outside on a patio, around the pool or just cozied up in your living room enjoying a good glass of wine! Seeing as we are all not wine-coineseurs , I figured I would do some research on “wine glasses” and see which wine goes with which glass.


Here are the basics: The wider the mouth of the glass, the greater the effect on the wine of oxygen, which “relaxes” the flavors and brings the aroma out. Generally, this effect is more desirable with red wines and full-bodied whites, like chardonnay. White wine glasses have a narrower opening, and red-wine glasses are more round. (Rose is traditionally drunk of out a tulip-shaped glass, but a white-wine glass is perfectly acceptable.) At a formal dinner, different wines would be served in different glasses, even if both wines are reds or whites.

Though there  is a specific shape for every type of wine, using one glass of red and one for white would suffice. If you don’t have the storage space or budget for two sets, then look for a glass  with a shape that accommodates any type of wine.  It should be big enough for red, but not so balloon-shaped that it can’t work for a white . Rinse your guests’ glasses before refilling them with a new wine. ( Information above from author Susan Spungen)

Personally when I have a sit down dinner for family and/or guests I allow them the option before dinner to choose red or white wine & if they choose to switch mid-way through our evening then I either switch glasses all together, most likely to happen, or we rinse out her current glass to reuse for the next selection.

Regardless of your personal decision with wine glasses, there are SO many different styles to choose from that you can NOT go wrong!


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