There is this little shop called “The Coffee Corner“, and let me tell you , I am hooked! I am a lover of finding these small shops on Etsy and the products are always of the highest quality. Just for the record, this is NOT a sponsored post. At/on HML I am a firm believer in posting about products that I stand behind , use both personally or for my family.

These customized pouches are one of my favorites, as they are great as bridesmaids gifts,   a make-up pouch, pencil kit, or as a holiday gift friends, co-workers, etc. The pouch is 9.5″x7″ and will fit in any book bag, suitcase, briefcase, almost every purse.  If you order more then $35 , there is a 15% off applied and at under $15 that is a deal!

The Coffee Corner is also known for their fun statement mugs & personalized mugs as well. There are two sizes to choose from 11oz or 15 oz ( I always go with the bigger size) great to use with ice cream or for sipping on soup chicken broth. These are a wonderful gift for the teacher in your child’s life, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Special grandparents,  a best friend who likes pretty mugs, as a pencil holder on a desk or just because…With over 100 mugs to choose from, picking just one will be hard! Did I mention they are also dishwasher & microwave safe.

Also pictured are these fun personalized Haute Mom Living Pencils from MacaronsandMimosas

If I can’t say it enough I am IN LOVE with this shop! I have , as pictured above, purchased many products from them and look forward to getting more for this upcoming holiday season!

Photos by Marta Villalba Photography


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