Well that question of , “Now what do we do?!?” is upon us… I have a simple solution, start planning for your next romantic getaway! As a new mom, wife, girlfriend, or just all around busy woman, finding time to get away or being able to really afford to do so can be tricky. So I propose a new revelation, be PROACTIVE with your planning process and start now!

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I have come up with simple planning process that will help you get on your way to that next romantic getaway!



1. Figure out your budget. Be realistic and don’t push yourself into an uncomfortable financial situation as there are plenty of great things to do around your home town or city.

2. Determine the length of your romantic getaway.  There are the options of actually getting out of town for a few days ( 2-3 days), or just escaping your home for the night. I know that sometimes just getting out of our everyday environment and spicing up our routine by getting a hotel room, even if in the same city is always a GREAT option. Also very cost effective.

3. Select the kind of getaway you want it to be, activity based ( sight-seeing, theme park) or if a nice relaxing day at the spa, beach or just hanging by the pool (both for indoor or outdoor weather)is just what the doctor ordered.

4. Make RESERVATIONS , well in advance so that you can take advantage of any discounts, making it much easier to make your money go ALOT farther.

5. Get a baby/pet sitter, they get booked up rather quickly and I KNOW that whether a child or a pet they are still family & I want the best for them.

6. Sit back , relax and look forward to all the good times that lay ahead!

Planning a one night affair or a weekend away with your significant other is essential to keeping the romance, HOT. I know personally just having a scheduled date night or evening with out our baby is wonderful, even though the mother in me never wants to leave her. So get out there and start looking into a special day/ weekend or just getaway from your every day routine/life.


Great websites to help your begin your planning process:

Some great websites for hotels, airfare, car rental are: ( click on the link below to go directly to the site.) – Click on the deals section if you have a particular place or location in mind and they will look and check between ALL the websites available to get you THE best price possible. ( I use them ALL the time.)


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