Meet Melissa Dall’au, creator and original Haute Mom Living (HML).

As a mother of two, a wife, daughter and friend, Melissa has always been one who loved to host parties and entertain with her family & friends. In her younger years she was a top nationally ranked tennis player, becoming an All-American at her Alma Mater , The University of Miami.

Through her many years of traveling the world while playing tennis, Melissa was able to witness a variety of cultures and she saw the beauty that each one had to offer.  Whether it was the food that was served, a type of architectural design specific to a region or just the overall feel of a place, she learned to appreciate the beauty of the world around her.

                     Then in 2009 when she became engaged, the beginning of what became the idea of Haute Mom Living started. Between all the searching for a china pattern, paired with the perfect stemware and turning the HML house into a home, the passion for decor, hosting, and styling grew. In 2013 after being married for a few years, and recently becoming a new mother, Melissa decided that it was time to put her ideas to paper, and that was where Haute Mom Living came to life. The idea of creating a space where everyday living was made simple, beautiful & haute was the main focus and over the years it continues to evolve. Today Haute Mom Living is a blog that focuses on beautiful tablescapes for all sorts of occasions, along with delicious recipes and products to make life that much better.