Introducing the Newest Member of the HML Family

I wanted to personally introduce our newest member to the HML Family. ________________________…. All of the emotions that I am currently feeling are so much better then I ever remembered and knowing that this little munchkin is officially here, really is making me take a step back and remembering to enjoy every moment of EVERY stage with my now THREE babies!

As I go through this process of now being post-delivery, I am enjoying the newborn phase again, all the while recovering from my now 3rd C-Section, and still having to be mommy to my amazing 6 & 4 year old. The newest addition was truly welcomed into loving arms by both her older sister & brother, and life as a family of 5 has officially begun.

These past 9 months have flown by, the emotional rollercoaster of finding out we were expecting, to telling our loved ones, most importantly sharing the news with our two older kiddies was one of the most exciting times in my life as a parent. To their reactions to seeing their baby sister in a first ultrasound, to helping me pick out some fun little details that they can share together as they grow up. My daughter immediately understood what was going on when we said that “Mommy & Daddy are having another baby”, she couldn’t wait to find out if she was going to have a baby brother or baby sister, but the excitement she felt was seen by all that know her. My 3 ¬†year old son at the time of telling him , mimicked his big sister and in doing so really felt the excitement of what was to come, but we don’t think he fully understand exactly what all that came with the BIG announcement. Once he met her in the hospital though, it was love at first sight for both and well we can’t wait to see how their relationships as a brother/sister trio grows!

Personally, I am beyond grateful for delivering a healthy baby , that now makes me feel like what was life like before we ever had her. The daily diaper changes, bath time fun with her siblings and family meals have a whole new meaning because it just seems like this little one is a such a natural fit in the HML Family!

Welcome to the family sweet baby girl! We can’t wait to for all the fun times ahead!


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