On this Labor Day I propose an easy labor-less BBQ that will make everyone you know happy.  In my family we all love hamburgers and hot dogs, so I decided to make a H & H Bar, ( Hamburger & Hot Dog Bar). Let your guests go at their own pace, having everything served and prepared , minus the grilled goodies. This labor of love,  should be no more then 30 mins, day of BBQ. Create your hamburger patties the night before covering them with tin foil and placing in the fridge until 20 minutes before grill time. Prepare the vegetables, red onion, yellow onion, tomato, in 1/4″ thick slices the morning of, so as to have no mess when everyone arrives.




Create a cheese plate with assorted cheeses, Pepper Jack, cheddar, Colby Jack are my top three. A plate of sliced prosciutto, Mild salami & Pepperoni are an easy addition to any Labor Day table, as it can eaten by itself OR a delicious addition to your hamburger.

Buy a LARGE watermelon and cut it into giant handheld pieces to create a display on either a large platter or a tiered platter piece 10 mins before it’s go time.


For those of your guests who don’t eat red meat, do simple grilled chicken breasts (Grilled Rosemary Chicken Recipe) or Salt/Pepper Grilled Salmon.

As sides, EVERY Labor Day bbq will almost guarantee grilled corn, but a nice change from the basics are a Caprese salad with cherry tomatoes, a Brussel sprout/almond salad,  sweet potato fries, and guacamole. Another great side dish for any Labor Day bbq is an assortment of salsas. Basic salsa is always a winner, but the addition of pineapple salsa along with a black bean salsa, are a great addition to this table because it adds a extra flavor to your hamburger, chicken or even salmon filets.




Lastly organize your table with all of your prepared food platters before you put the food in them. This will allow you to see if the layout works! After that is all said and done enjoy your delicious Haute Dog & Hamburger Labor Day BBQ spread!

                  All photos are courtesy of Marta Villalba Photography

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