As a former frequent flyer, on the road anywhere from 20-30 weeks every year, the art of traveling is exactly that an art. Finding the perfect balance of wants vs needs & knowing that even if something is forgotten at home, with the exception of ( HML: MUST HAVE TRAVEL GUIDE) it isn’t going to make that much of difference one way or the other.

Currently in my bag:

  1. Wallet & Cell phone- Self explanatory!
  2. Toiletry Bag– All of my moisturizers, medications ( Advil, antibiotic, etc), hair clip.
  3. Chargers- Cell phone & laptop chargers.
  4. Book– As a mother of two it is one of my favorite ways to catch up on a good read. Quiet time at the airport or on the airplane = reading good book!
  5. Snack- A small bag of mixed nuts & a granola bar
  6. Notebook– While away I like to keep notes on ideas that pop in my head for HML. Relaxation can be some of the best time to find new inspirations and ideas.
  7. Computer or iPad– Creativity doesn’t sleep so why not bring it, UNLESS it becomes a “vacation distraction”



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