It has been a few months since HML has moved into our new home, and this “Home Sweet Home” has been so much fun turning this house into our home. During this whole process of getting the playroom ready for day in and day out “playing”, it got me thinking about how overwhelming decorating/organizing a space like this can be! With the previous post showing the before pictures from earlier this year, click here for the actual post, I wanted to create a space welcoming for my kids to play, relax & allow them to grow into as they get bigger.


1. Keep toys and items that are age appropriate at their eye level. Simple rule: if you don’t want them playing with it without supervision then don’t give them the opportunity.

2. Create a space that is showered with love, colorful items & welcoming with family photos. Start by adding little trinkets that they create themselves, personal photos, favorite toys are always an HML kiddie favorite, as they love to see them on a daily basis. ( Don’t be afraid to use color! I LOVE our rainbow book collection & my kiddies love it even more!)

3. Ownership: In the HML household I like to show my kiddies that having nice things is NOT an guarantee, but instead a reward for being responsible & taking care of their items. By allowing my kids to have ownership & responsibility over their toys & this space, it makes it so they want to keep it this way, whether playing by themselves or when they have play dates over. HML rule if you take it out , YOU MUST put it back when you are done. No room for delay with this one.

4. Less is More. Like everything in life, less can be so much better then more. Keeping minimal items out in plain view, this allows for an easier clean-up but more importantly creates a space that won’t overwhelm a child when choosing what they want to do next.

5. Allow the space to be exactly what it is, ” A PLAY ROOM”. If you are worried about something breaking or it isn’t allowed to be touched, either put it all the way to the top ( unreachable space) OR just don’t put it in the room at all.

Show them they are the main reason for having this space! Start creating a sense of ownership, and over time even the little ones like to keep “THEIR” items nice!


Make the space a place where kids can grow into it, but enjoy it through all of their stages. Currently in the HML playroom we have a pottery barn table & chairs, easy to use for daily crafts, but to show how easily it can adapt as they get older we also use an ottoman great for getting cozy and watching some tv.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our HML Playroom, all the while getting a few decorating tips to making your playroom the place to be all year round!

A little fun DIY for upcoming kid-friendly projects , create a “Arts & Crafts Box” that you can make with your kids & then put it on full display for your kids to show all their friends what they created! 

I can officially say that after only a few months, the playroom is a favorite spot amongst not only my children, but all of their friends too!

Photos by Marta Villalba Photography 

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