With Spring currently in full swing ( well for some of us anyways, sorry to all my northern friends & family) & summer right around the corner. Now is the time of year to enjoy some delicious meals in a beautiful setting  inside OR outside. This tablescape by Juliska, their Lalana collection, exudes everything I LOVE about spring & summer dining. Being made from melamine it is outdoor safe, child proof and perfect for anyone who likes to host outdoors, it is just stunning!

( Shown below is a berry & thread charger, with the Lalana Dinner & salad plates; Glassware is Juliska Amalia Small Balloon Glass. The glass with the orange is an antique champagne glass that belonged to my grandmother.)

This set up is a mix of both melamine & porcelain. With the beautiful pattern of “Lalana” by Juliska, there is no wrong way to set this tablescape up. Personally I am a HUGE fan of knowing that I can dine indoors or outdoors with these plates & they won’t break. Having two kids under the age of 5, safety far out weighs beauty, but with this tablescape you can have both!

This Amalia small balloon glass, by Juliska, is a great glass for any refreshing drink on these warmer spring days. Haute Mom Living’s drink of choice is La Croix, a sparkling water that comes in a variety of flavors. Never mind calorie free, but it tastes delicious while hydrating all at the same time.

The menu keeps with the same theme, colorful, refreshing & light. In these hot months the last thing we want to do is eat food that we feel weighs us down. I used a refreshing sliced orange as a starter, it cleans the palette and leaves us wanting more! Then look to serve fruit salads, Caprese salad, or if you want something more hearty a Caprese panini is a wonderful option too.

Fresh basil is always a good choice the smell is delicious but it also adds a delicious flavor to food as well. Overall this table is hands down one of my favorites this year. Lalana can bring any table to life & makes all the food look even more delicious ! ENJOY

To create this look please click on the links below: 

Juliska- Berry & Thread Charger

Juliska- Amalia Small Balloon Glass

Juliska Lalana Collection  ( 3 options below)

  1. Lalana Floral Multi Dinner Plate 11″ 
  2. Lalana Floral Dessert/Salad Plate 9″
  3. Lalana Floral Multi Napkin 

Photos by Haute Mom Living, LLC. 

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