Here is a quick little photo of flowers I picked up on my way home from my favorite flower shop, Hirni’s Wayside  Garden. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a neighborhood flower shop , so the quality may not be as good from a super market, but they will do the same thing!


In my opinion there is NOTHING better then putting fresh cut flowers into your home & without taking too much time you can arrange a beautiful floral arrangement. My whole thing with flowers is I want something that I feel in the moment and everytime I look at it, brings a smile to my face.  Today’s selection was simple white/cream hydrangea’s with purple passion flowers. After selecting my flowers I then get the scissors and cut each flower individual at an angle so it allows the flower a way to

get fresh water.


Next you want to figure out what vase you will use and arrange the flowers accordingly . I chose a simple layout , that ANYONE can make themselves. My trick for making the flowers stay bundles is a hair tie, or a twistee that will allow you to keep the flowers all together. My other trick for anyone with pets is use some sort of pebble, water rock or marbles to weigh down your vase so that the chance for any accidents decreases.



With the extra flowers I then made a smaller batch of flowers for our bathroom.


Enjoy your flowers and just know that you can’t go wrong when putting a floral bouquet together, only thing you must remember is have fun and don’t be afraid to use some color!

Next blog will be about what you can put in your flowers water to make them last longer!