Life is all about giving , NOT receiving, but when we do receive a thoughtful gift that is where being thankful comes in… Gifts come in all shapes & sizes, but like my mom has always said, it’s not the gift that matters it’s the thought that counts. With that said what better way to say thank you and show how appreciative you are then to mail them a thank you card on your own personalized stationary.


Over the course of my life I have realized that writing a thank you letter is something I have taken for granted, because I know that I always write them but not everyone else does. See what I think the problem with people writing thank you letters is if they knew how “haute” aka stylish and elegant it can be, they just may reconsider!

Some simple steps in choosing the appropriate style of card/stationary:


1. Choose a style of stationary that conveys WHO you are as a person… I for instance have one for my husband and I, one for each person in our small family & one for the family itself. Different styles are:

  • Folded Note cards


    Photo Courtesy: ; Stacy Claire Boyd stationary; Modern Posh Couture

  • Flat Note cards


    Photo Courtesy :; Design by Prints Charming Design

  • Letter Sheets


– Then you have to decide what type of letterhead you want :

  • Formal ( Haute M. Living)

  • Monograms ( H; HML; H.M.L)

  • Casual ( Haute Mom) aka First & Middle Name

  • Family  ( The Family Name)


2. Then you need to find the type of stationary that fits your personality. I find personally that I like having a little bit of it all, depending on the occasion. Example: for the holidays for any family gift I use our family stationary . For gifts to my daughter then I her own personal stationary. It is truly a simple concept as long as you stay organized.


During our wedding, my biggest vice with writing thank you letters, was THE minute a gift came in I wrote the thank you letter and made sure to keep track of them so I knew I didn’t forget anyone. It worked out rather well for me. Same thing I did for any birthdays, baby showers and holidays. Makes like much easier, and it also lets those that took the time to get you a gift that you care enough to thank them via an old fashioned thank you letter.

Personalized stationary is something that I find to be very personal. It is a beautiful touch item to say thank you on and it allows people to know that you are both an organized person but you can be organized and HAUTE.


This past holiday season we decided to gift personalized stationary and notepads to our families. As far as we were concerned it was an easy way to take the idea of gift giving and let people know we care enough to order them something that they can use on a daily/weekly basis.


Some great stationary shops online that I like to use a lot are: ( If you are willing to be patient there are some great deals online so just keep checking the sites regularly and you are bound to get a buy one get one free deal or something like it.)

Printswell  & The Stationary Studio


So go ahead and get started on your search for your own personalized stationary. I PROMISE that once you start you just won’t want to stop and you will wonder what you were doing without it before this point in time. Good luck and enjoy making your life HAUTE