Bringing Baby Home: Life as a New Mother of Three!

Having a baby is an amazing feeling, both as a new parent and even when expanding your already established family . As a now mother of three, I’m still getting used to this entire idea, I had to make sure that when the time came for HML Baby #3 to come home, everyone was acclimated , comfortable and ready for the next chapter in all of our lives.

Bringing home a new baby can be VERY overwhelming, ESPECIALLY as a new mother, but even with two other older kiddies, my main goal was making sure I got my 6 & 4 year old on board with all the changes that were coming into our home sweet home. Creating a nurturing environment that made sure all included would be understanding of their new roles, but know that as far as they are concerned Mommy & Daddy still love them as much as we did before new sibling entered the picture.

My main goal was to establish a new routine for baby ONLY. Both my 6 year old & 4 year old already are all established in their day to day routines BUT this new cutie has to fit into our already existing mold that we call life.

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