And just like that it is 1 week from Mother’s Day!  It’s a day for us to show the woman who raised us how much we love her and appreciate all that she has done for us! This year I decided to start my Mother’s Day posts on a sweet note, and put together a charming Mother’s Day picnic full of sweets, treats & all sorts of things this momma loves!

Another good thing about Mother’s Day is it occurs during spring & fresh flowers are all around us, blossoming and blooming, making the outside decor even prettier. This picnic is a simple layout, with either home made items or store bought goodies; whichever your schedule permits. All I know, is it’s the thought that count.


Start off with a thin cotton blanket, I went the traditional route with a gingham pattern, a simple basket and its truly whats inside that counts.

Personally I am a water lover, but on special occasions like this I enjoy a cold glass of champagne or  dessert wine.( the cheese board is a must have ; helps keep everything stable on bumpy grass). These wine glasses are a great outdoor drinking companion as they are made from acrylic, but look like real glass.

It’s a sweet day why not celebrate to the fullest. My kids loved getting in on the action too, between the colorful blocks and a giant balloon, fun was had by all.

Photos by Marta Villalba Photography

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