Through out the year we welcome guests into our home whether it is to stay for a meal, watch a game, or for longer durations during holidays and celebrations or life cycle events. To help ease the stress of entertaining or playing host/hostess, focus on these five areas & life will be good!

An Organized & Fresh Entry Way

First place to make an impression with guests is the minute they walk in the front door, the entry way. Making a good first impression is important only because it can set the tone for the rest of the house. Personally keeping a simple, tidy & organized entry way is easy if you limit the amount of clutter allowed in that area of the home. As a mother of two under 6, teaching my kiddies about organization has been in operation since the day they were born. Each item has a place & ¬†putting it back where it came from is key in the HML Home Sweet Home. For instance, whether coming home from camp or school backpacks, shoes, keys, purses and all other items have a specific spot waiting for them. Also don’t be afraid, if space is available to start the introduction of your home with a little bit of personal flare.

A Well-Stocked Bar

After making your first impression, JUST BY OPENING THE DOOR, now it is time to get the “entertaining” under way and offering your guests a drink is first & foremost. With that said, you must have a well-stocked bar, click here for HML Guide to a Well Stocked Bar.

Fresh Flowers

Anytime guests are coming over, the only thing your house will need are some fresh flowers. HML is also not opposed to some other simple decor options, check out HML’s Five Ways to Decorate without Flowers

A Tidy Bathroom 

A bathroom is a must have room in each home and we all know this is not a favorite hang out spot in our homes, but why not make it as welcoming as possible. Freshen up by making sure all soap dispensers are clean & no residue is lingering from previous washes. Toilet bowl, sink & floors are clean. A small vase of fresh flowers or bowl of potpourri is always a refreshing addition to the space. Lastly keep freshly washed towels, either hanging or folded on a towel bar or countertop.

Keep it Simple

The lack of clutter in the home is key for making guests feel welcomed. Even if you don’t have time to do a deep cleaning, getting all the odds & ends together in one place will help make your guests feel more at home. Try using a large tray and place books, keys, little toys & objects all in one place so it isn’t overwhelming for anyone visiting.






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