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Valentine’s Day…I can not say I was full believer in celebrating Valentine’s Day , which in my opinion is a commercial holiday. Luckily I was allowed to feel this way, because my husband randomly brought home flowers, made dinner and always made me feel like THE most beautiful, special woman in the world, through out the rest of the year. Now,  that WAS my opinion pre-motherhood. Now as a mother, my thoughts have a changed a little bit , ONLY because I feel like even though Valentine’s Day is suppose to be between two lovers ( spouses, theoretically) now with  having a baby girl I want her to  be able to enjoy “spreading her love” with her mom/dad, family & all her little friends. As an infant obviously this is NOT an issue as NONE of her friends can really talk , or for that matter write anything down. I just feel like  this is a great opportunity  to start a new tradition  on Valentine’s Day.


Everyone seems to always give  flowers and sweet treats , aka chocolate covered strawberries ( exceptionally easy to make at home)  or  what used to be my  favorites ,the Sweet Heart Candies. ( shown below)

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Now as a relatively new mom, I want to start the tradition of THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. This may not be anything new for some of you ,but for my baby girl as she continues to get older, I want to make sure she understands that GIVING is so much better then receiving. My first plan of action in building a new tradition is to  help her make personalized Valentine’s Day cards for her daddy, grandma, grandpa, nana & papa , and any other people she feels so inclined to make one for ( as opposed to those store bought boxes of valentines day cards). I understand the purpose behind those cards, that way EVERYONE gets one and no child is left without one, and I think that is great, but why not make a simple card from scratch, like cutting out a heart and putting her name on it with a cute saying, for each of her classmates. What makes that special is that you even took the time to do something like that for each class mate/friend. Another option is you can also order personalized cards, for cheap online , Printswell or Stationary Studio , are two of my favorite online options.



Another GREAT option for making Valentine’s Day special for more then 50 people is  baking a sweet treat, like mini-cupcakes for her and her friends. This is a GREAT , idea for anyone who wants to stay on a realistic budget. Only thing you have to determine is how many you are willing to bake and and how many cup cake pans/holders you have.  The basic red velvet cupcake with a white & pink frosting is adorable, & will most definitely be a HUGE hit with all your child’s friends.

Now for my personal family tradition, I plan on starting this year making our  “pink heart shaped” pancakes, a NEW FAMILY tradition and as our daughter gets older , allowing her to help make them for us.  That recipe will be released on Valentine’s Day morning. FYI, in my personal opinions family traditions can start WHENEVER you deem it so and can grow as big or as small as you are willing to make it. This for us is a great starting point , in creating a tradition that I look forward to adding to as our little one continues to grow up. Hey who knows, she may even have some great ideas her self and then that is when a family tradition comes full circle!!!

The other thing  I realized about Valentine’s Day is you don’t have to make it a pricey holiday, instead it is really a holiday made from the “heart”! I feel like it is my responsibility to teach/show my daughter that giving is so much better then receiving and this is a great opportunity during the year to show her that, while others may be becoming a bit greedy.( There will ALWAYS be one or maybe even a few in each of our children’s classes).

So during this week of Valentine’s Day, I dare you to think outside the box of standard flowers, which ARE ALWAYS nice, and make a meal or treat for your family or loved ones. Enjoy the simple pleasures of eating a home cooked meal , while knowing that you or your loved one made that with the purest of intentions!

Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope your day is as special as mine!

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