This month there has been a lot of anxiety going into making sure HML Baby is healthy and growing exactly as he or she should be. With that said, as any expecting parent , new or already established, waiting for those test results , yes wait period is between 8-10 business days, that quickly turns into feeling like WEEKS! So lucky for us, during the process of getting the blood test and ultrasound done for the genetics testing we were lucky enough to find out what we will be having.


Now for the record, my household was torn between finding out and not finding out. I find perks to both & commend those that do wait to find out until birth, but my HML hubby is not one who is wanting to wait…LOL ( I still laugh that he wanted to know and I was fine with waiting). ¬†With our previous two we found out and I was so happy we did , but I just thought it would be fun to wait on HML baby #3, never the less I was out voted and well let’s just say I was EXTREMELY happy when we found out….IT IS A GIRL!!!

Being a mother to both a girl & boy I was happy either way, healthy was my ONLY concern just like my other two wonderful kiddies. Now the fun begins where I get to start thinking about the nursery, baby clothes, what style do we want to establish for this sweet baby girl?!? Well, the good thing is both HML Hubby and I agree that lucky for us with having one of each before this baby, we have an idea of what to expect. In regards to decorating a nursery, I have time, but I like to be proactive, plan ahead and look at all my options when choosing a theme, color combo and exactly what I will need to make this sweet baby girls nursery complete. HML has partnered with Pottery Barn Kids to outfit this adorable nursery and I can’t wait to share what we do to her nursery, along with how I chose everything along the way!


Now it’s time to celebrate everything little girl and start planning some pretty pink ideas for HML Baby nursery! Stay tuned!

Photos by Marta Villalba Photography 




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