Haute Mom Living has partnered up with Crayola, to help spark some creative juices in all of us. Personally I am huge advocate of getting our hands dirty, creating while doing & allowing our creative sides to come alive all the while having fun. This spring I have partnered  up with Crayola to help make our kiddies imaginations come to life.

The wonderful part about Crayola products is that they are designed to inspire all ages. The “My First Crayola” is geared towards 12+ months ,bringing the world of colors & shapes to life through characters they can relate with. Click here for Easter Basket Stuffers. (HML KID APRROVED)

They also created a world of “alphabet coloring books”, that are geared towards early learners wanting to learn to write their alphabet or practicing to reinforce what they have learned at school. FYI all you parents out there, these are super easy travel items that can keep the kiddies occupied for a good 1-2 hours.

Crayola has created a world full of items to help develop our imaginations. The simplicity of a box of markers, crayons or paints opens the door to creativity where the sky is truly the limit.

As a mother of two, I have personally found that giving the gift of paper & crayons is one of the best things we can do for our children. It not only can be used for creating but it  becomes a teaching tool for us as parents. Children can learn their colors, how to count, and even more so teach them social skills like how to share. The world of Crayola , for this HML, is all about showing our children that the world is full of all sorts of fun colors, it is up to us to determine how we want to use them.


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“COLORFUL FANS” – A Great fun addition for any household this spring & summer.

NEED ( per fan): 4 Popsicle sticks;; 1 sheet of white ; water colored Markers, Glue Stick, Hole Punch

  1. Color popsicle sticks as desired
  2. Hole Punch each stick on one end, so you can fastened with tie
  3. Fastened popsicle sticks
  4. Cut paper to shape & size of fastened popsicle sticks
  5. Color paper as desired
  6. Glue paper to fastened popsicle sticks
  7. Enjoy your new fan!

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Photos by Marta Villabla Photography ( except Bottom two photos, courtesy of Crayola.Inc)

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