Everyone in life should keep at least one journal, aka a diary. As a little girl we always hid our “diary” from others because it contained information like who we liked, or when and with whom we had our first kiss. Some little girls , as we get older, would keep much more in depth personal information , but not ALL journals need to be so much to the extent of our love lives, sex lives or even physically what is going on in our lives. I view journaling as a way to allow myself to explore feelings and reactions I may have had during any particular time frame. I find it exceptionally therapeutic and rather exciting because while during the writing process, I always seem to learn something about myself that I may not have known before I sat down to start journaling. My most recent discovery from journaling was how much I LOVE being a wife, a mother and a hostess, both in person and with the information I have been fortunate enough to learn from my mom & life experience. I know it sounds silly , but because of my journaling I started this blog.




With that I have decided that I would write a blog about journaling and give you some great ideas that you can potentially use , that may inspire you start or restart a journal. The thing I love about journaling is you can be ANYWHERE , the local park, at work, in your bedroom, traveling around the world, and it allows you the opportunity to remember events in our own day to day lives that may make an impact on alot of different levels.

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For me I find that journaling is something I turn to when there is something big going on in my life that sparks an interest in me writing it down. As I’ve grown as both a wife & mother I have learned that it’s the entries that are sparked by a big occasion, but rather those entries or writings that are on the smaller scale, like when I’ve come home and had a beautiful moment with my daughter napping on me , or when my husband is so sweet that he surprises me not on our anniversary or a holiday/birthday with flowers. Those are the moments that I want to remember when I look back and read through my journals. My newest revelation with journaling has come in the sort of new years resolutions. I KNOW it’s already February but I started a list of New Year’s resolutions that vowed I would make 2013 a year that focused on me, as a mother, a wife but also just as me. My journal has been a beautiful aid in helping me establish who I am and what I stand for. This blog for me was a way to express that appreciation I feel towards journaling and what I hope , if you are as lucky as I am, that it can potentially bring for you.

My Inspirations:

– Life experience ( both every day occurences & life milestones)

– Life as we know it…

– Quotes ( named sources & anonymous)

– Important days ( birthdays, celebrations of life, etc.)

– Family & your role within your family

– Traveling & trips

– Books I’ve read ( inspirations from books, self-help, fiction or non-fiction novels)

If you have any other ideas that I may have missed, which I know there are, please let me know I am always looking for some good inspiration!

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Journals are a wonderful way to express ideas. There is no right or wrong way to journal. Respond in any way that makes sense to you. Be creative! Use your imagination! You may even include illustrations, but the goal is to work with your words.

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