Celebrating a child’s birthday can be some of the best times for us parents. I personally love everything party planning & this “Unicorn” Birthday bash was no exception. As a mother I always tell my kiddies to make life about quality not quantity and this party was an extension of that life philosophy.  I decided to do a birthday party at our “Home Sweet Home”,  focusing on keeping it simple with emphasis on the beautiful little details!


  1. First and foremost when planning a party determine the budget first AND KEEP TO IT!
  2.  As for this party, the guest list is roughly 35-45 people, we invited her entire class plus a handful of friends & family to help us celebrate. Keeping with common etiquette, you have a couple options when inviting: A)Invite the entire grade ( Can be VERY OVERWHELMING with #’s of people).       B) Invite the class & select others ( this is common practice & acceptable so no one feels left out from the class).C) Stick with a one gender type of party, so that it will automatically cut your #’s in half ( most of the time anyways). D) Go the family route ( We did that for our son’s birthday this year, it was all he wanted).
  3. Make sure you order, or make plenty of food for all of your guests. This party menu is catered to the birthday girl with some of her favorites!
  • CHICKEN TENDER PLATTER from our local grocery store
  • PERSONALIZED CAKE from our local grocery store
  • SNOW CONE MACHINE : Fun addition to make a HOT day “HAUTE”

4. Keep with an activity that is good depending on the time of year. With summer starting ,being outdoors on a  bounce house with water is an ABSOLUTE SMASH! ( Also makes it safe for those kids who are not strong swimmers.)5. Make sure that you have sufficient places for people to sit or put their belongings.  We rented a few round tables and chairs so that while their child is having a blast jumping, the parents have a cool place to sit and chat amongst themselves.6. Have a table designated for birthday presents, clearly marked is also an easy way to keep it organized- I recommend NOT opening any presents at the party. TWO REASONS: A. People who may have forgotten theirs may be uncomfortable, B. It’s the thought that counts & not all presents cost the same but may have more sentimental value. Better to side on the side of caution! BESIDES…After everyone leaves, the birthday kid is going to be a bit bummed it’s all over, BUT if you wait to do the presents then they will have something exciting to look forward to!!

7. Write a list of all presents opened & who they are from so thank you letters can be written in a timely fashion.

8.Create a timeline for your event/party so that it runs smoothly, before the day of the event & STICK TO IT!

  • Party time 11:00-1:00pm
    • 11:00am Party BEGINS
    • Food is served from 11:00-12:15
    • Sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake at 12:30
    • Say our good byes at 1:00pm – Party ENDS!!!

9.DECOR- Keep it simple! Have the birthday kid pick a theme. Mine , as you can see in the photos is a lover of unicorns.

  • Balloons are a must- Mylar last longer ( but cost more, you also need fewer to make a impact).
    • All balloons shown are from PJB CREATIONS. ( If you live in South Florida , HIGHLY RECOMMEND; tell them Haute Mom Living sent you !!!
    • Stick with throw away plates, napkins, & cups so clean up is easy at the end.
    • Get creative with DIY Projects like my goody bags and center pieces! ( Saves money & although it takes some time to do, it’s the small details that mean the most.)  10. ENJOY THE PROCESS! Remember that even if something goes wrong, no one else knows but you. The most important thing to keep in mind while planning a party is to enjoy the moment , and whether you spend $100 or $1000, it truly is the thought that counts for your little one! Happy Birthday!!!


Photos by Marta Villalba Photography 


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