Getting creative for any upcoming dinner, event, get together you are hosting isn’t always a fun thing to have to do. These five quick & easy tricks to decorate, without having to use flowers, is an HML favorite that has been used for many occasions.


  1. Potted Plants/Herbs: Daffodils in the spring are always refreshing, pop the plastic container into a small terra cotta container or even be daring and replant them into a cute mug or bowl. Another option is grab that fresh basil at the food store, and replant that into the mug or bowl. A more traditional & classic option is Orchids. Beautiful as as a stand alone , in any room for that matter, this will make the table look fantastic all the while being very simple.
  2. Bowl of Fruits/Vegetables: As fresh bowl of apples, lemons, oranges, tangerines/peaches, is great for summer time events, while filling a bowl with small pumpkins, gourds or acorns is great for any fall table. During the Holidays use a clear vase and fill it with ornaments or dreidels.
  3. Use the food: Low maintenance & an easy way to bring color to your table, use the food you are serving. 
  4. Greenage & Foliage: A more cost effective way to decorate & looks beautiful especially when paired with a tall vase of lemons or a bright colored fruit, is wheatgrass. The simple green plant can be planted in any size container, and can be arranged in any way needed depending on the layout of your table. Foliage, think pine tree branches for a beautiful holiday table and your winter wonderland is all set.
  5. Candles in votives, candlesticks or Lanterns: For all meals use unscented candles as the fragrance can be a bit overwhelming. The simple use of the candle whether in a votive(s) or in a larger lantern for a simple outdoor festivity, this look can help create/set a mood and add ambient lighting to any occasion. As an HML Favorite, this go to look is PERFECT for any late nights by the pool or lake, or outdoor summer meal. ( The DIY: MASON JAR MOSQUITO REPELLENT CANDLE, is great mix of fruits and candle for a BEAUTIFUL look.)



Photos by Marta Villalba Photography 

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