This HML has been looking for the PERFECT blanket this fall/winter and I have definitely found some amazing options. I personally love to feel cozy and having that perfectly textured, weighted and all around wonderful blanket can be extremely hard to find. As my 5 year old told me this morning when the thermometer finally dipped below 65, ” can I wear my fuzzy blanket to school today?!?” YES BABY GIRL…YES YOU CAN! 
In case you missed my post “Beautiful & Cozy Retreat”  HML Master bedroom, which also happens to be one of my favorite spots in my home, here is the link above in pink. I am a lover of all things blue & white, especially for the bedroom. Calm, inviting, and just absolutely relaxing! 
Each season calls for different types of blankets & these are my favorite for fall/winter months. Each of these are a great new addition to your home this season! 

1. Must be able to cover my whole body. ( 50×70 for must is a PERFECT size) I’m 5’8! What good is it if my toes are cold while my upper body is warm.

2. Needs to be easily washable, as we use them ALL the time during these next few months!

3. The fabric needs to be soft, a nice weight & durable; want it last a long time. 
Top 4 Blankets this Fall/Winter Season:

1. Sparrow & Wren– This blanket is adorable and comfy! Pom-Pom ends with just the right amount of weight behind it to enjoy while watching a movie in bed, drinking coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Priced really well too! 


LOVE these pom-poms on this blanket! 

2. UGG– YES! You read that right! Ugg now makes bedding ( stay tuned new bedding coming to the blog soon) & blankets. This blanket is on the lighter side but SO SOFT that it feels like your favorite pair of slippers all over your body. 

3. Oake- This is my favorite Plaid & it is SUPER hot this season! Click here The blue colors look gorgeous in ANY room & being made with 13% wool it is EXTRA warm. Comes in a beige option too! 

4. Hudson Park Collection : Jewel Tone Faux Fur Throw-  The heaviest of the blankets, this beauty is a great addition for this winter. Priced at $280, it is the most expensive one I picked BUT it is a solid item that will definitely keep you warm during those cold winter nights! On my top 10 Fall Home Decor List, click here if you missed it! 



Makes me want to jump back into bed right now! 

All of these blankets are animal friendly, easily maintained & meet the 3 HML Criteria! ENJOY! 
Photos by Haute Mom Living 

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