Another Summer has come and gone, some of us have already let our kids start the new school year and some of us are starting soon. Being proactive with our planning is key to  staying organized, keeping our house clean and staying sane! Each year , as my children grow up , currently 5 & 2, I’ve noticed that the level of responsibility is already starting to transition, EVER SO SLIGHTLY with my 5 year old. She loves being involved and picking out her backpack & matching lunchbox, all the while making sure her desk is cleaned out and organized. My 2 year old, on the other hand ,is literally happy with everything I show him, and doesn’t seem to mind what it looks like.

Back to School “MUST HAVE” Checklist:


  1. Make sure All school forms, medical, emergency and otherwise are completed.

  2. Dentist Trips before school starts; (suppose to go every 6 months).

  3. Clean out closets for old clothes, and make room for new.

  4. Check all clothing for the upcoming year , making sure they fit properly and comfortably.

  5. Properly fitting shoes & don’t forget the socks too:)  ( Most schools have a no open toe policy.)

  6. Backpack & Lunchbox ( Doesn’t have to be brand new; but cleaned out and ready for new school year.) I Personally LOVE Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks & Lunchboxes ( for more info scroll down).


7. Calendar in a “family” area so the families activities can be kept track of on a daily/weekly basis! ( Personalized or Generic store calendars are easy to get & make day to day life much easier for everyone included.) Mine is personalized by Stacey Claire Boyd Fine Stationary. Found on  


8. Put your child’s name on everything ( clothes, backpack, lunchbox, school supplies.) I use an online company called Stuck on You, my go to for everything personalized labels . This website has labels and much , much more

9. Show your child(ren) exactly where everything goes , so they can help you get ready or clean up after school themselves.  I personally have my children, even my 2 year old put his lunchbox and back pack away every day! They love to feel included and responsible for their own goodies.

10. Create a First day of or a sign that lets you know when the photo was taken, your child’s likes of the moment, favorite color, age, what they want to be when they grow up, etc. These are the moments that we want to remember always!

11. Stay safe! Each child should know , in case of emergency, either a phone # or a person that they should get in touch with. Little ones 3 and under may not have that luxury of memorizing an adults phone #, but it is never to early to show them who and where to go in case of emergency. Better safe then sorry!


These simple & easy tips, make getting your child ready for the first day back school a breeze! Wishing everyone a wonderful start to their

school year!

All photos courtesy of Marta Villalba