Host A Labor of Love Haute Dog & Hamburger Bar- Labor Day BBQ

Host A Labor of Love Haute Dog & Hamburger Bar- Labor Day BBQ

On this Labor Day I propose an easy labor-less BBQ that will make everyone you know happy.  In my family we all love hamburgers and hot dogs, so I decided to make a H & H Bar, ( Hamburger & Hot Dog Bar). Let your guests go at their own pace, having everything served and [...]

Keeping Fresh…when it is too HAUTE (HOT!)

Keeping Fresh…when it is too HAUTE (HOT!)

Summer is almost over, but this heat isn't going anywhere anytime soon. After much research and trial/error over the summer, I was searching for the "perfect" summer refreshing drink, besides just plan water. Well I found it! I nicknamed it the Meleni, get a play off of Bellini's...LOL! My name is Melissa, but nicknamed by [...]

A Delicious Trifle …Perfect for Mother’s Day & HAUTE during the summer months!

 I found this amazingly delicious Fruit Trifle by The Girl Who Ate Everything , that I recommend for ANY event during the spring & summer months , starting with Mother's Day, to Memorial Day all the way through 4th of July ending with Labor Day. Enjoy! Patriotic Strawberry Trifle Recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything [...]

how to preserve lemons

One of my favorite fruits NOT to eat straight up but instead for DECORATION!!! CHEAP and BEAUTIFUL!

{ fleur de sel }


I have always been intrigued by preserved lemons.  Seeing the bright yellow orbs afloat in glass jars on shelves of specialty and ethnic food stores always captured my imagination – they seemed to me like delicious, edible lava lamps.  Preserving citrus is an ancient technique, but I only recently realized how easy it is – really, the salt does all the work for you.  And preserved lemons have so many uses – they can be tossed into salads, melted into pasta sauces or used as a garnish alongside fish or oysters.  They liven up any dish with their citrusy brightness, yet can be eaten whole as the salt mellows out their tartness and acidity.  A great way to transition winter citrus into spring.

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