Host Fall in Love with a Simple Tablescape

Host Fall in Love with a Simple Tablescape

Today is the first day of fall and well that means that Holiday season is right around the corner! I personally am a LOVER of everything fall, and this is the day when I know that Halloween is  exactly 40 days away, Thanksgiving is 63 days from now and well that leaves Hanukkah, Christmas and [...]

Five WAYS to Decorate Without Flowers

Although  we ALL love fresh flowers there are other options to help decorate ANY table, five actually all listed below: 1. Potted Plants- Daffodils in the spring are always refreshing, pop the plastic container into a small terra-cota container or even be daring and dare to replant them into an unused bowl or mug. Orchids [...]

how to preserve lemons

One of my favorite fruits NOT to eat straight up but instead for DECORATION!!! CHEAP and BEAUTIFUL!

{ fleur de sel }


I have always been intrigued by preserved lemons.  Seeing the bright yellow orbs afloat in glass jars on shelves of specialty and ethnic food stores always captured my imagination – they seemed to me like delicious, edible lava lamps.  Preserving citrus is an ancient technique, but I only recently realized how easy it is – really, the salt does all the work for you.  And preserved lemons have so many uses – they can be tossed into salads, melted into pasta sauces or used as a garnish alongside fish or oysters.  They liven up any dish with their citrusy brightness, yet can be eaten whole as the salt mellows out their tartness and acidity.  A great way to transition winter citrus into spring.

Instructions followed after the jump>>>

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Spring Wish List

Great taste!


As much as I love clothing and looking at wonderful designs I’m actually a terrible shopper, unless of course I’m with my sister. Somehow with her, everything falls into place but otherwise I just wander around and have a hard time committing to anything. I don’t seem to have the ability to decide what I’ll need ahead of time. Shopping is an emotional experience for me and therefore, I truly admire people who are very organized with their pre-season, planned hauls.

Today I decided to go spend some time wandering around my friend’s boutique in West Vancouver, Pret-a-Porter Luxe, which I’ve previously talked about here. I love doing this because she patiently lets me try everything on, doesn’t rush me and just laughs at my indecision.  I saw so many lovely things that I’m starting to think I may actually be putting together a very real wish list for…

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Anonymous Asks: What are the NECESSITIES from a wedding registry?

It's funny the saying, " when it rains, it pours" is  perfect description for me with this topic. In the past month I have been asked  by 3 different people, who have just got married or are about to get married, "what NECESSITIES do we all need from our  wedding registries?" I am the type [...]

St. Patty’s Day A Family Affair…

In my family St. Patrick's Day is considered a BIG DEAL in our home! Ever since I have known my husband and his family , well the Irish side anyways, celebrating and giving tribute to St. Patty's Day is an every year tradition. This year is a little bit different as our responsibilities have changed [...]