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I have come to realize that beauty is truly something that comes from the inside, but it doesn’t hurt to look & feel good on the outside as well. No matter where you are in your life, having LOTs of time to get ready or barely any time ,we all need a good beauty regiment that can be accomplished at home or on the road.

I have included some of my favorite beauty items from facial care items, to make up essentials & hopefully this is a great starting point or just refresher for all of us woman that sometimes it REALLY is those small things in life that can make us so happy!



Basic Facial Necessities: ( From morning through the evening)

1. Cleanse your skin. 

I use Laura Mercier, one step oil-free foaming cleanser ($35)

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Another great choice is the Liquid Neutrogena ( photo not shown), another staple in our bathroom. ($7.49/bottle)





2. Moisturize- Keeping our skin protected from our everyday wear with moisturizing lotion. SPF is personally a MUST for me, but it may not be for everyone. Make sure you focus on both your face/neck ( one lotion), eye ( seperate lotion). When applying to your face use a gentle touch in small circular motions. For under your eye, use ring finger in an outward motion , key being gentle as this particular area of skin is VERY sensitive.

I prefer one of the following:

a) Laura Mercier– From there serums to their day/night lotions you can’t go wrong.

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b) NARS Cosmetics– I favor their products as well, very light on & feels fresh.

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c) Kiehl’s- Another great option…made for all skin types. ( $52)

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3. Make-up Necessities- Simplicity is key to great make up and I may not be a professional make up artist, BUT not many of us are! Regardless of our profession we still like to look beautiful & having the right make up can really be essential to creating that look. Listed below are necessities for you make up drawer , your preference in brand is up to you. I will showcase my favorites, but it truly ALL depends on your skin type ( oily, dry, normal), your base color ( everyone is different) and what DO YOU LIKE?!?

5 Items you must have : ( I tend to use NARs & Smashbox products)


  1.  Concealer &/or Foundation ( for those days when your skin just isn’t cooperating)
  2.  Bronzer/blush ( We ALL like a little bit of THAT sun-kissed color)
  3. Eye Shadow ( 1 basic palette that can easily go from day to night) – Choose a palette that can be neutral & easily added to for night.
  4. Mascara
  5. Lipgloss- Find any tone that you are COMFORTABLE wearing. I also choose ALOT of NARs products & tend to go with the lighter nudes, pinks & natural tones.

For my foundation I use Smashbox-  ($39)- If you use this time of foundation there is a 35 SPF to it so moisturizer w/ or without won’t be necessary.

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A GREAT combo Blush/Bronzer from NARScosmetics.

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Mascara for me is very difficult because I have sensitive eyes, but I LOVE this one from Smashbox-  ($19.50)  MOST IMPORTANT ITEM

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In order to create that “fresh” look, make sure you invest in good brushes and that you clean them regularly. Most make up brands sell , brush cleaner, but its more important once you clean them to make sure you dry them properly. I use a variety of brushes from different brands. My latest purchase was Laura Mercier brushes as I found them to be the most durable and easy to keep clean.

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Now it’s your turn to find what works for you, hopefully some of my suggestions will help, and  now you can enjoy the process of finding that inner beauty and bringing it out with a VERY easy routine. I take 10 minutes max every morning to brush my teeth , wash my face and put on my basic make-up look. As a non-professional make up artist and someone who would consider herself self-taught , I find it true when I say LESS IS MORE.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to enjoy YOUR DARING SIDE!!!!


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