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pb and j banana breadAs an ex-pat American living in Scotland, peanut butter and jelly is something I occasionally have a hankering for. It must be in my DNA. I can’t say I give into that craving very often, but when I do I have to say that it is not on nice seeded whole meal bread, or using posh jam. If for whatever reason I need to buy white bread – for Christmas stuffing, or bread and butter pudding – I always nick a piece. I then proceed to smear it with a good quarter inch of peanut butter, top with a crimson dod of Lidl morello cherry jam, and fold in half. Then I proceed to shove it in my gob with two hands, like a ravenous toddler. Again, a childhood/DNA thing. With today’s recipe I think I may have grown up. A bit. 

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What all of us parents are really thinking!!!

Satis Writes

It’s a funny business, living with a child. It’s a little bit like living with a mooching flatmate who is quite a bit smarter than you. (And shorter, which sort of makes up for it.)

You see, when you’re talking about children in the hypothetical (as in, “we might want kids some day”, or “aren’t your sister’s kids wonderful?”), they seem a little bit like kittens: small, furry and adorable. They’re supposed to giggle and coo and drink from a bottle and smile with a little toothless smile. Or say things like, “Daddy says mommy gets grumpy when she sits on rags, but I don’t see why she doesn’t just get up.” They’re supposed to hold your hand crossing the street, and be suddenly polite when your parents are over.


What tends to happen is they cry and vomit on you, shit on your shoes and flush your car…

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The Food and Wine Hedonist

In every issue, Bon Appétit magazine features a Q&A with a celebrity asking about his or her quirky food habits and favorite things to eat. Until a few years ago, it had always included this question: “What three things are always in your refrigerator?” I was intrigued by that question and was bummed when they stopped asking it.  The decision may have been made because celebrity refrigerators sometimes aren’t very interesting—I remember several saying the one thing that’s always in their refrigerator is a bottle of champagne. Bor-ing. (Next to the leftover smoked salmon pizza from Spago, right?)

I still think it’s a cool question, as it lends interesting insight into a person’s tastes and cooking styles. If I were to answer, I’d say things like good European cheeses, lemons, and fresh herbs including thyme, cilantro, and basil. Still, I realize those answers aren’t particularly exciting and are a little…

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brent waggoner

ImageI have a confession to make: I am sexist.

Not that I’ve been paying my female employees less or expecting my wife to wash my feet every night, but… actually, let’s put it another way: I’m sexist when it comes to art.

I began having this realization two years ago, when I finally got around to reading Jane Austen. In my mind, her novels were about women chasing after men or vice versa, storylines whose protagonists could be replaced with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl without compromising their integrity. Imagine my surprise, upon reading them, to find novels that were as sparkling, clever, and poignant as any other classic I’d read. I felt pretty good about myself.

Fast forward to now. I’ve read over 300 books since 2007, and, by my count, less than 25 were novels by women. Of those 25, approximately half were Young Adult books and 2…

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And the Oscar goes to…Haute Mom Living Appetizer Party!!!!

Every year I look forward to watching the Oscar's and we usually have a few people over to enjoy the celebrations of the movie industry. Here are some of the recipes that I would suggest for any party host to serve. Baked Brie in Puff Pastry ( PREP 5 mins; COOK 20 mins; READY 25 [...]