It’s summer time & summer vacations are now in full swing no matter what part of the world you live in. This summer I thought I could share with you some useful travel necessities that I currently have in my bag to make travel life easier.

  1.  ZIPLOC Bag or Plastic Bag- Whether you like it or not we all have dirty clothes while we travel and this helps to keep the dirty separated, never mind the smell, separated from the rest of your clothes.
  2. Extra Undergarments I personally like to travel “carry on” only, so lucky for us, undergarments are small and take up no space. Pack yourself 1 extra pair of panties & a bra, as it’s always useful “just in case”.
  3. Wear your bulkiest – From your jacket, to your shoes, make sure to wear your bulkiest items so you make more room in your bag for everything else.
  4. Keep it handy-Once you hit the airport, Identification ( Driver’s License or Passport) because fumbling in the security line for it is an easy way for stress levels to increase. Once at the gate put your ID back in it’s proper place & enjoy the journey to or from.
  5. Passport, copy that!- While traveling abroad isn’t for everyone, if you do, make sure to make a copy of your passport and all traveling companions in case you misplace it. You can then take it to your closest embassy and they will replace as quickly as possible.
  6.  Toiletries– Personal goods, such as your toiletries, are easy to forget because you don’t always use all of them everyday. Keep a separate travel toiletry bag packed & ready in your bathroom, with only replenishment needed after each trip. ( Check out “What’s In My Toiletry Bag”, for must have items.)
  7. Keep it fresh- Simply put keep your “fresh” items, gum, toothbrush/toothpaste, lip moisturizer, lotions in a designated toiletry bag or a quart sized ziploc bag in an easily accessible place. During those long flights & travel days ( I’m currently on one right now) these items help make the traveling more bearable.
  8. Just in case cash- I’m not one to typically have spare cash on hand, I mean who needs to these days with Apple Pay, Credit Cards & online payments. Traveling is the exception to that, I like to keep $100 with me in a variety of bills so I have it JUST IN CASE. You never know!
  9. Stay in the know- Besides just reading a good book ( definitely something you should bring on your trip) stay up to date with weather forecasts, check with the US Travel sites that the destination you are visiting is safe for all. Being in the know and up to date on the news can help make your trip a safe & comfortable one.
  10.  Stay Charged- This has a double meaning. First keep your electronics charged as best as you can. While sitting in airports, plug in so that your battery stays charged while on the “travel” road. Secondly, keep small “healthy” snacks in your carry on ( purse) like granola bars, a piece of fruit ( which will not be allowed on international flights), a bottle of water, drink 8ozs of water for every 2 hours you are on a plane. Keeps you hydrated your energy up!

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