From the day my little ones were born, I have always been the parent that wanted what was best for my babies…It’s not all about how much , but more about the quality of the item. When it came time for those babies to start walking and wear shoes my daughter’s first pair were Toke Shoes. The quality of the leather, the softness that wraps those little still growing/forming feet, needed to be THE best and well these were it for us. Kone, is the boy version of Toke, and my son , being only 2 has lived in these shoes for nearly 20 months! 

Toke is known for it’s “Mary Jane” style shoes, and here you can see a variety of colors, sizes and options that can be ordered in all sizes. Toke Shoes




Both brands are made for infant to little kid sizes. The difference with infant to toddler is the traction on the bottom is not necessary for infant as they are not quite at the walking stage yet. ( We as moms just enjoy putting them on because they are SOOOOO cute!!!) 





Perfect for this upcoming holiday season, HML’s favorite pair were these red patent Mary Janes. My daughter just had to have a pair and will be the perfect accessory for every outfit this upcoming holiday season!


 Photos by Marta Villalba Photography

To buy any of these shoes, or for more information please go to Toke Shoes.

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