Life is all about planning ahead and birthdays are no exception to this rule. My daughter’s first birthday is coming up in June and both my and I have decided to keep it small, as what 1 year old EVER remembers who was there. Let’s be real any child’s first birthday is mostly for the parents and family. So on that note we are keeping it to close family friends & family. With that said you still need to put some thought into it as you want to start creating memories for whomever they may be for.


Here is a quick and easy step by step of how to plan a successful party!

This is the WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY & WHEN of the party planning process!

1. Save the date- Decide WHEN you want to set up this little shindig.  Day & Time.

2. Theme- Come up with a theme that is relevant to the person who is celebrating their birthday. This is the WHY! WHY? would we choose one theme over another? Example is you may not want to have a Mickey Mouse themed birthday for a 16 year old, but for that infant/toddler in your life , it may make all their dreams come true.

3. Guest List- Determine WHO you want to invite… no matter how big or small starting a list is important ( it can help keep you organized for your thank you letters & on who gave what present.)

4. Location, Location, Location- After you determined your theme & HOW many, now is a good time to decide WHERE you want  have the celebration. ( Example- Neighborhood park ( depending on where you live you may need to reserve it months in advance), at home, ice skating rink, movie theater, etc.)

5. Sweet Treats-  Decide on the type of sweet treat you want to serve. ( Examples- traditional birthday cake, cup cakes, cotton candy, etc.) This can also be determined by your theme. Circus themes are going to be a very different feel from doll themed parties.

6. GAME plans- No matter WHERE, WHEN, WHY a certain them, HOW many people, or WHO the birthday person is a strategy for keeping your guests entertained is a must. Make sure you devise a plan to keep them entertained from start to finish. This is apart of your proactive scheduling process. If a party is from 3-5pm and it’s a pool party, have an egg toss, or water balloon fight for a bunch of 10 year olds will help spice the party up.

7. Goodie bags- Not a necessity, but always a nice touch for those  to remember your special event.


Planning a party obviously has A LOT more small details to it, but if you follow this guideline it will certainly send you in the right direction for planning a successful party. After you get the party planning started, literally, then comes food & decorations. THE FUN STUFF!!!


So start planning your next birthday for those around you that you love. ENJOY the process and remember to always keep it HAUTE!!!

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