In our home it is a work in progress as I am just now getting around to updating some OLD photos for some more recent ones of our daughter, my brother in-laws wedding, halloween, and then of course the holidays. Whatever you choose to use as your frame just keep the theme consistent, otherwise it just gets overwhelming in smaller spaces. For those of you that like to take more risks, I definitely have my side, I like to use my individual frames around the house , on the coffee table, in the kitchen, in our living room, etc. to express that fun side.

 Now I am not going to show specific photos, but if you notice that this hall way , at the end, has a focal point, courtesy of my cousins photography skills, that is bright but not overwhelming. We chose a simple black wooded frame with a gold in lay that draws your eye down the hall even when the lights are off. The other frames are simple black frames, family multiple frames have mattes around each 4×6 photo, where our family shots are black frames with glass as the matte around an 11×14 photo. I personally chose black frames for my “hall of photos” because I like walls to be light in color in general and with a simple black frame it makes the photos pop.

I personally LOVE have a specific area of your home dedicated to family and friends.

Example :  simple, a VARIETY of sizes is key and allow yourself to use different colors, styles, etc. For us it just so happens that on this table were all of our silver , crystal or glass frames. I also am a HUGE fan of Michael Aram frames and have his ENTIRE gold collection, available at online at or if you want to save Target has a great selection too. FYI , buying expensive frames isn’t worth the money, if it is a gift BEAUTIFUL ,but no one will notice if they cost $20 or $100. It is the photo that is worth a $1000 bucks!

Most important thing about photo diaries are having fun putting them together. Enjoy going down memory lane and shedding a tear or too at those you miss or moments that are just so funny you find yourself laughing so hard you actually cry. Life is all about these little moments and capturing them, maybe not ALL the time, but on those special occasion that is what makes life so special.

Hope you enjoy going through some of your old shoe boxes of photos and if it helps just pick one small space at a time. Overwhelming yourself is not going to help and probably make matters worse, but if you decide , hey I want to start this project for my home, best part about it is it can be done in stages and still make your home look that much more beautiful and welcoming!

Good luck with your photo diaries!

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