Starting out the New Year with some new healthy habits is tough but rewarding. I am a lover of smoothies and this is a really healthy alternative to them without all the added sugar. Found at your local Whole Foods or healthy food store around the corner, Juicera is a cold pressed juice that is NON-GMO and Organic. With two different cleanses, the Core Cleanse & the Ultimate Cleanse , those are simple ways to follow a strict regiment of juices for 1-2 days and restart your system.


With a variety of fruit and vegetable juices there is sure to be something for everyone and enough choices to change it up if your feeling like something new.

This is not all of the Juicera line, but the products that I have personally tasted and they are pretty tasty. Not all of them are my personal favorites, but they each serve a purpose and that is good enough for me.


The Metabolic Lemonade is exactly that. A great addition to your daily routine that helps get the metabolism jump started or restarted throughout the day. High recommend as a first thing in the morning drink.




These two, the Coconut Lemon Water & The Watermelon Fresca are great refreshing drinks through out the day. Especially helpful and delicious after a workout.


Low Glycemic Index was something was created for Diabetes patients. It was a way to keep the sugar levels under control and help keep them balanced through the day. This drink is a great start up drink, very heavy on the veggie side but keeps the body balanced. It is also comes in regular “Green Power”.


Rooted Beginnings is great with any hangover, or just cleansing of  the blood & liver .Known for also giving the body a boost of endurance , drinking this post party or middle of the work day, may help to give that final bit of energy needed to make the most of the day.

Not all Juicera products are listed. For the full information about Juicera please go to ( this not a sponsored post)

All Photos by Marta Villalba Photography


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