With hurricane season directly upon us, as Harvey devastated Texas and Irma is hitting pretty much the entire state of Florida, we as parents need to protect our families as best we can. For safety information on what to do in case of  a Hurricane  please go to one of the following websites:

  •  NOAA


This post on the other hand is to give us some ideas about how to keep our children safe, happy and entertained, because for any of us who have been through a hurricane the in house crazies are a REAL thing.




  • Hide & Seek
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • I Spy
  • Read A book ( if you have light)
  • Coloring
  • Charades ( Great with older kids)




Keep healthy snack options available , because waiting out a storm is EXTREMELY boring and snacking is bound to occur.



Overall make sure you keep the focus of what is going on outside as far away from the minds of our little ones (2-5 years old). No good can come from trying to explain how dangerous it can be, but explaining what is going on and why everyone is staying inside will be helpful in keeping the peace.

All photos courtesy Gabrielle E. Mackey 

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