Every holiday season, I personally feel like a kid again & one way that I like to get my kiddies into the holiday spirit is by setting up a “Cookie Decorating Party” for my two little ones & our friends kiddies too. The great thing about this type of “party” is there is no limiting their imaginations. The sky is truly the limit & everyone , no matter their age, enjoys themselves.  

We love to sugar the traditional sugar cookies as our base, but gingerbread are another delicious one to decorate. Then determine what color frosting you want to use, we went with an assortment of colors & toppings.  Let your inner child enjoy the decorating process & then eat your creation! Happy Holidays from Haute Mom Living!


This is also another great idea for birthday parties, or any group activity with no more then 10 people involved. Any more then 10 persons can get a bit crazy with the amount of ingredients needed plus the # of cookies needed to decorate. smaller is better this time around! ENJOY!!!


Photos by Marta Villalba Photography

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