Home SWEET Home is a new series I will host on Haute Mom Living , that will showcase, this HML, turning a new house into our home sweet home. We are currently still living in our  first home that we bought 5+ years ago. To say this house is our home is a complete understatement and we have loved every moment we’ve created & shared here.  This home is where we went from two to three and then to a family of four. It is where our babies first crawled & walked. Learned to talk, and have had many a celebratory dinners or events just because.  As with any new beginning, that means you just ended something and although it may be emotional, it is also the start of something beautiful.


I personally enjoy the task of decorating a new house and being able to turn our new house into our home sweet home. This is the start of a new chapter where our children will have all new firsts and we can continue to make memories as a family! This post is the first for a new series I will post about the packing process, the BIG move, unpacking, and  the fun of decorating a space with all sorts of tips & advice from the professionals along the way, all the while getting ready for the BIG reveal. GET READY WINTER IS COMING!!! ( Totally j/k I live where it never snows! )

This first post is the last holiday season in our current home, before we move. So I wanted to share with you how we decorate for the Holidays here at Chateau Dallau ( HML Headquarters).

 SNEAK PEEK of HOME SWEET HOMES : HAUTE & COZY HOLIDAY DECOR. ( Stay Tuned post coming this week!)




I will post links of where to find items like mine or similar to, in case things are no longer available. Any questions you may have , please feel free to contact me directly




All photos on this post are by Marta Villalba Photography

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