Grab your bowl of popcorn, a cup of hot cocoa & a cozy’s Holiday movie time! I am guilty of loving each of these movies regardless of the time of year, but ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. Before parenthood I used to try and watch 1 movie a night, averaging about 20 nights out of 30, so here is my go to list! 
These are not in any particular order, EXCEPT #1 is my all time favorite movie & it also happens to be a great holiday movie. 

2. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

3. The Santa Clause

4. The Best Man Holiday

5. Scrooged

6. A Christmas Story ( I feel like this is an obligatory for the list; but not one of my favorites)

7. The Holiday

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas

9. Christmas with the Kranks

10. Jingle All the Way

11. Elf

12. The Family Stone

13. Home Alone

14. Bad Santa

15. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

16. Four Christmases

17. Fred Claus

18. Miracle on 34th Street

19. Trading Places

20. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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