YEP! You heard that right, I’m 3 months pregnant and entering into the “safer” zone of the second trimester. As a mother of 2 beautiful babies already,  a 6 year old little girl and a 3.5 year old little boy, to say we are SOOOOO excited is putting it calmly. We have always wanted a larger family and adding to our crazy/happy bunch just seemed like the perfect time.

So with that being said…NOW that the word is out, what do we as expectant mother’s do next?!? So there is a few key things to start off with once you find out your pregnant.

  1. Go to your doctor and get the “A” Ok from them; I was always told to schedule your first visit anytime between 7-9 weeks. Pretty much when you figure out you have missed your period , peed on a stick & called the doctor, unless it’s a emergency it will be close to their first available appointment.
  2. Make sure you are taking a daily pre-natal with enough FOLIC ACID & DHA , listen to your doctors recommendations.
  3. Reach out to your loved ones & let them know the good news, once YOU are ready to do so! We are old school and like to wait to tell the world until after the first trimester, but to each their own on this one!
  4. Already a mom to little ones?!? ( YEP that’s me too) I wanted to get with my HML Hubby and figure out a way to tell our 2 kiddies. Our 6 year old daughter immediately understood, but our 3 year old son, wasn’t understanding it except when our 6 year old told him that he will now have a little baby he can teach everything too. ( MELT OUR HEARTS). Sometimes having your eldest break it down for your other children can help, because they just may say it in a way that is understood on their level. SIMPLICITY IS KEY!
  5. Enjoy the moment! As a 3rd time pregnant woman, I can tell you I am over the moon excited about this next chapter of our family , adding a 3rd baby can be overwhelming but getting organized and keeping with your routine is key, atleast for us anyways. My mom always told me from the moment I was becoming a mother, the baby fits into your schedule, not the other way around and she was RIGHT! HML GRANDMA definitely knows best! ( Please understand there are exceptions to this rule with newborns & other exceptions with older kids out there. We as  parents make the best decisions for our own child(ren) &   do the best we can for them each and every day!) 
  6. Get ready for your body to change & hopefully once you are passed that 1st trimester the morning sickness, or ANYTIME OF DAY sickness, will have subsided  and your pregnancy glow can take over!

Personally here at HML our next step is getting our 2 older babies ready for their newest addition, and creating the “NEW NORM” as soon as possible so that when delivery day comes everyone will be ready and excited for their new roles in our family! So far we are off to a fantastic start, both my kiddies are trying to guess boy or girl, both being totally fine with them and we have been anxiously awaiting the results , hopefully finding out in the next couple of days. Stay tuned on HauteMomLiving Instagram OR Haute Mom Living Facebook to find out the gender!


Well congratulations to all your new parents or expecting parents, we can’t wait to share our journey with you through out this entire process!


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