Getting ready for baby is always exciting, but nerve-wrecking ALL at the same time. One thing I like to do a few weeks before the official DUE DATE is get my hospital bag packed and ready to go! With two births under my belt already, baby #3 is going to be a bit easier as I find that I need less & less each time I go to the hospital.

These 5 essentials are a MUST have for your trip to meeting your little one for the first time!


  1. Comfy Robe & Warm Socks. Hospitals are kept cold, something that is done on purpose to help keep bacterias from spreading, and brining our go-to robes & cozy socks help the “momma-to-be” stay a little bit more comfortable both during delivery & postpartum.
  2. Bathroom Essentials. To make us feel a little more like ourself during this entire process, I like to pack my bathroom bag with everything from :
    • Facewash
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste
    • Hairbrush
    • Moisturizer
    • Lip Balm( A MUST) & if I’m taking some pics maybe even some mascara:) ( I have blonde eyelashes so that always helps!)
  3. Pajamas & Panties for for post delivery. Having had 2 c-sections before this baby, I learned that having the right underwear post delivery was THE MOST beneficial thing in my bag. Besides helping me give relief to my incision by being a “support” made underwear, it also had silicon in it at the right place of my incision and that helped the recovery process right along. The brand I highly recommend is C-Panty , click here to go and get your very own postnatal faster recovery panties! These are also GREAT for vaginal deliveries, they offer the panty without  the silicon option too!
  4. Baby’s First Outfit & Blanket… Make sure you wash and pack your baby’s first outfit, going home outfit and depending on whether you are there 1 night post vaginal delivery or 2-3 nights post c-section, pack for baby accordingly too! ( Don’t worry about diapers, the hospital will supply them for you while you are there, but definitely have a box for yourself for when you get home from the hospital.)
  5. Car Seat Ready! Every new parent has to deal with the dreaded car-seat, stroller and how the heck do they even work. Before heading to the hospital be sure to have your babies car seat installed properly in your car  ready for your newest addition, stroller is NOT necessary!


Overall there is a bunch of little things that you may want to bring with you , but these 5 essentials are the only things I care about come delivery day!

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XOXO-  The Original Haute Mom Living, soon to be mother of 3!


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