Every  year Bath & Body Works comes out with their new line of candles for fall and this year it smells like pumpkin, cinnamon, apples, and  somehow all three combined along with that smell of “Autumn leaves”. I’m not sure what pile of leaves  Bath & Body Works uses  to get their scent from, but I want that one in my yard.  This year Bath & Body Works also came out with another wonderful new line of candles that really have an assortment of scents ranging from sweet to musky. This new line has an elegant new look, and names that match the look, Autumn Woods, Mahogany Apple, Bourbon Maple, Golden Citrus and Leaves ( Not Pictured).With such a variety of scents these scents are less fruity and have a more wood scent. In the HM household we typically lean towards the scents that are primarily pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or nutmeg, but the new Autumn Woods and Bourbon Maple will have a new place in my home. Not only to they smell good but they look great on any coffee table as well.Along with the candles, Bath & Body Works came out with some new beautiful candle covers. These candle covers would be a beautiful addition to any table or counter, if you don’t want to see the actual candle.   

Hope you enjoy these candles as much as I love them too!

 Photos are courtesy of Marta Villalba Photography


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