Last night was a wonderful evening amongst our closest friends and as I curled up into my bed last night I heard my baby girl start coughing on our baby monitor. Of course I am a bit hesitant to think anything of it but then I see her start moving around and actually wake up. DARN IT…you KNOW what that means!?! In this case it means something isn’t quite right and there any number of things that could be bothering her. Usually it’s she is either hungry, so it’s that “FEED ME!” or it’s a very mellow, ” I’m feeling a little utchy PLEASE change me NOW”, kind of tone.


Unfortunately, today being her 8 month mile marker, it  also marks her first runny nose that wasn’t allowing her to breath clearly cry. Now as a mother, we all really do know our own child’s tones , cries, or better yet their voice. This was THAT voice that breaks any mothers heart because you truly know there is NOTHING we can do to make them feel better except , maybe give them a warm bottle, turn on the humidifier ( WHO KNEW in this muggy of a city I would ever NEED to use a humidifier), change their diaper, and of course just be MOMMY. I sat in my daughters room with her through out the late night to early morning hours,  just letting her be “uncomfortable” on me because she seemed more comfortable on me and  knowing I was there , then leaving her alone.(P.S- my daughter has blessed us with her sleeping habits ; sound sleeper and has slept in her own crib since the day we came home from the hospital.)

To hold that little person in your hands, whom you love more then anything else, and KNOW there is nothing you can really do to help them except just be there, AND thats what works best, WOW!!!! I unfortunately during this entire event have been battling a relapse of a cold I caught a few weeks back. I of course went to the doctor because I DID NOT want to get my daughter sick, but look where that got me. I went from being “doctor mom” to “patient mom” to then having to be both to take care of my precious daughter.




Ok now all of you REALLY experienced mommy’s out there know that we as moms really aren’t allowed to be sick, because what I now realized AS A MOM, is if WE ARE SICK THEN WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF US?!?

Luckily for me I have an extremely loving and doting husband who went out of his to get me  chicken soup  with matzoh balls like I asked for. Unfortunately it wasn’t my mom’s own recipe but , it takes time to make chicken soup and this was a last minute kind of cold. Turns out though my daughter loves chicken soup  just as much her as mommy. Then of course there is ALWAYS that call from  MY MOMMY, funny how that relationship NEVER changes no matter our age,  to check up on me and  just hearing her voice makes me feel better. I know i’m a total momma’s girl. When I’m sick you’re darn right!!!

So that got me thinking and I wanted to poise a question to all my fellow bloggers. When we go from being doctor mom, taking care of our family, to then becoming the patient mom ,who still has little ones that are sick, now what?!?

For me, I have two lists my REACTIVE list and my  PROACTIVE list. My REACTIVE list , is my way of dealing with the immediate problem at hand, while making myself better as quickly as possible. First I went to go see the doctor and get on an antibiotic. At this point in time the antibiotic is to help the infection from spreading anywhere or to anyone else.  I was then told to rest, no physical activity for a few more days as my body can only handle one thing at a time & since i’m relapsing with this cold ,my immune system needed a chance to recover. Second, is the only positive I can think of when you get sick, CHICKEN SOUP! Or as I like to call it Jewish penicillin. Now, I scratched the surface before about how my mom makes THE BEST home made chicken soup, but that isn’t even giving it enough praise.  I was raised in a family where all big family holidays had my mom’s famous chicken soup which was passed down to her by my grandma who had severe juvenal diabetes. The reason I love it so much and ANYONE else who is lucky enough to come join us is because there is barely any salt in it. I guess this is one of those things that you just have to taste to believe it. So when i’m sick my mom’s chicken soup is the best medicine, BUT if that isn’t an option then freshly made chicken soup from our favorite bagel store is second best ( pictured below).


Now onto my PROACTIVE list:

These items are the things that I am going to do on a daily basis so that I can be “proactive” about my health before I ever even get sick.

1. Start drinking a glass of OJ a day, or at least adding the one glass of OJ to a morning smoothie ( recipe below) . I love fresh squeezed, with no pulp and living in Florida it’s not exactly a hard thing to find. My favorite brand is: 

 (P.S- if you don’t have a Magic Bullet already, INVEST in one; it works miracles for smoothies, purees, baby food and much more but is perfect for a single serving w/ quick clean up time.)

Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie ( An original name)

* I prefer using atleast one of the fruit frozen, preferably the strawberries or bananas. If you do use a frozen fruit then there is NO need to add ice.

1/2 cup strawberry

1/4 cup blueberry

1/2 banana

2/3 cup orange juice ( You can always substitute OJ for Apple Juice (AJ))

1/4 cup crushed ice

Makes 1-2 servings depending on fruit size

photo courtesy of

Another “something” I have added to my list of daily to do’s is get back onto the regiment of taking a daily vitamin. I know that even though I already eat a very balanced diet , with our daughter going in and out of environments that chance her bringing home more nasty cold/virus bugs, WHY NOT add that little extra boost to our immune systems. I LOVE 

According to, :

A balanced diet goes a long way to getting the vitamins and minerals you need to feel good and head off health problems. Trouble is, very few people eat right every day.

“When we compare recommendations for vitamin and mineral intakes to actual consumption, many Americans do not even come close to getting what they need for several nutrients,” says Meir Stampfer, MD, DrPH, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, adults are often deficient in:

  • Calcium

  • Magnesium

  • Vitamin A (as carotenoids)

  • Vitamins C

  • Vitamin E

“Certain groups run even higher risks for vitamin and mineral deficits,” says Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, director of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory, and professor of nutrition at Tufts University.

Vitamin Shortfall: Who’s at Risk?

Over time, small discrepancies in nutrient intakes can prove problematic for a person, particularly for women in their childbearing years, strict vegetarians, and the elderly.

For instance, shortfalls of iron in the childbearing years may lead to anemia. Too little folic acid very early in pregnancy increases the risk of neural tube defects in developing babies. And vitamin B12 deficits, responsible for irreversible nerve damage and faulty cognition, are more likely in people who avoid animal foods, and in people over age 50, whose bodies are often less efficient at absorbing vitamin B12.

Stampfer and Blumberg advocate multivitamins as a way to shore up diets low in nutrients. But, they warn that multivitamins are dietary supplements, not substitutes for healthy eating.

That’s because multivitamins lack a number of beneficial compounds for wellness, including phytonutrients, and fiber, found in plant foods. Multivitamins also typically fall short of the recommend daily amount of calcium and other important vitamins and minerals.

Think of multivitamins as an insurance policy, but don’t fool yourself into thinking dietary supplements measure up to the benefits of maintaining a healthy body weight, eating right, and getting regular physical activity, Blumberg tells WebMD.

“Overall, multivitamins are a minor component of good health, but worthy ones,” Stampfer says.

Good luck this cold/flu season and let me know what you do to keep yourself healthy!

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