The first thing anyone notices about us is usually our face. It may be our smile, the sparkle in our eye or even just the glow in our skin. Now as a woman in my early 30’s, I have noticed that the elasticity and glow of my skin are not what they were when I was in my 20’s or even from just a few years ago. Lucky for all of us, in this day in age there is a skin care product for  EVERY skin type. Currently,  my issue has been and is still currently Rosacea, which for me became apparent when I turned 30.  I along with at least 16 million other Americans deal with this every day condition by trying to calm the redness & treat our skin to a good kind of moisture . The good part of having rosacea , if that actually exists, is that I now know more about skin care products then I thought I ever would. I understand that most products on the market have so many chemicals in them, that our skin reacts well at first but then if we don’t continue using them our skin loses its glow or even worse has an adverse reaction. My goal with my beauty regiment is to keep it simple, easy and make me feel like a million bucks walking out the door in 10 minutes or less. We all know life , no matter what path we have chosen, for me as a mom of 2 and full time PTA parent, my time in the morning is taken up by everyone but me. Those 5-10 mins are a crucial part of my daily routine and without them I don’t feel whole. To break down my regiment I have listed each product I use and where to find it online.