Why is it when we create our “homes” we feel as if we need to choose between practicality & looks? I for one am ALL about combining the two and turning a room into a Beautiful/practical space. This happens to be currently my favorite spot in my entire house & I’ve noticed as rooms evolve my favorites change too.


 This however is and has always been my favorite spot in our home. The light, the views & just the overall level of “cozy” that comes from this room is WONDERFUL!


The contrast of the Dark wood bed frame & floors with the white/cream bedding, walls and the white plantation shutters. The accent of the silver blue with a splash of navy on the “Haute Mom Living” Pillow. The super cozy, soft and neutral colored duvet , what more could anyone want from there “relaxing spot”. 

I wanted to share with you this space, because although it is my personal space, we and it are moving in a few short months to another amazing house, but it will NEVER be this exact spot. YES, it will turn out even better, but to have this blog and not share my love for this room with you would be a bloggers sin. I hope you enjoy looking at this room as much as I enjoy relaxing in it. 

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