After writing this blog for nearly 3 full months I have realized that I have a devoted following of blog readers and a reason to be thankful as a relatively new blogger. Now, since I am new to this whole blogging scene and in no way an “old pro”, I felt like my readers deserved to know how this whole idea started. So on that note I am writing a little bit more of a personal blog about what my life is all about. I can’t say I am going to get into EVERY detail but the ones that make the story I promise to not leave out. After receiving an email asking me about pregnancy and newborns I figured this was a good place to start!


I have realized over the course of my pregnancy , thru now, what is almost 1 full year of my daughter’s life, that being a mother deserves so much more credit then ANY man or non-mother could fully understand. Those sleepless nights, well let’s just say they don’t start after delivery, but well into your pregnancy when you realize one “i’m uncomfortable and can no longer sleep on my  belly”, but two , “oh crap I have a little person in here who is about to meet the world and WE are responsible for their well-being!” Yes! that was a real moment in my pregnancy. Oh yes and did I mention the ” OH SHITaki moment, of THAT watermelon has to come out SOMEHOW realization”, for me as I am sure for MANY women out there it is all quite overwhelming, BUT sooooo worth it!

Being pregnant is no walk in the park, but it is a BEAUTIFUL time in any woman’s life, if you don’t count those moments praying to the porcelain g-ds. Me personally I knew I was pregnant pretty much at conception , as I told my husband less then 2-3 weeks later  ” I  feel like i’m pregnant”. Of course that came with a response of well take a test and we’ll know. THAT test came out negative OF COURSE, because it was too early to detect, BUT ladies trust your instinct not even 1 week later I took another one, and another one , 13 total to be exact, JUST in case the first was mistaken to find out I WAS PREGNANT. I wrapped those suckers into a beautiful little pregnancy test bouquet and shared the AMAZING news with my husband! Excitement ….I don’t know if that even describes the emotion, but once the doctor confirmed and we told our family, it ALL BECAME REAL!

Now how you tell people , to me is a BIG part of your pregnancy. I know that since I met my husband and KNEW he was THE one, literally from that first kiss, I also knew that finding out we were going to have a baby was going to be a moment in our lives we would never forget. We wanted to make it as special and memorable as possible so we made the BIG announcement during our , ” what we were thankful for speech” at our family Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a moment in my life that I will cherish forever because it was THE first moment we announced that we were becoming parents to THE world, you know those 20 people sitting at table anyways…THE world! LOL …that was a BIG moment  because it meant not only were we ousted on the big news, but that we were safely through the first trimester! WHEW!

This is the part of the story where I’m suppose to say it all is down hill from here on in…that is a lie! Yes, the second trimester is the easiest trimester of the three, BUT that unfortunately for me didn’t take away my morning sickness “aka ALL the time” sickness. Another key part of pregnancy that I didn’t understand, why call it “morning sickness” if it typically doesn’t happen in the morning, but can/will happen whenever wherever. Second semester was truly a blur for me because we moved into our  new “family home” and life as just a wife was coming to an end rapidly. I realized that the countdown till no sleep was on the horizon and who knew what other glorious surprises, i’ll tell you those in a later blog. The beautiful part about the second trimester is  when you go from being , ” did she gain weight?!?” to ” OMG, she is pregnant, how cute”…Wearing that belly, or better yet showing off your “baby bump” at least to me was like a badge of honor. Trust me when I tell you the day you realize you have to wear maternity clothes is both a sad AND happy occasion. Another bonus of the second semester is because you are “officially showing” everyone assumes you can’t do anything because when you get pregnant you obviously become helpless?!? I’m not sure who sent out that memo ,but it does come in handy when you ask your husband to rub your feet JUST BECAUSE you can as his pregnant wife.

Then here comes the third trimester…Where to begin?!? I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst because , well I wasn’t having the easiest pregnancy to begin with. My only train of thought the entire time was, I don’t care what I have to go through, the body aches, lack of sleep, nausea, migraines, vomiting, lack of appetite, need I say more, as long as my baby was healthy! Any mother understands this thought process because you will go through whatever means necessary to make sure your baby is fine and well it begins from THE moment you find out you’re pregnant. The third trimester is that moment when you TRULY realize I am weeks away from accepting the biggest responsibility that  life has to offer and nothing I knew before will ever be the same. You’re excited, but still all the while in the back of your mind you take in those moments like, impromptu date nights, watching any movie, sitting down and reading a book, and better yet just getting into bed and being able to sleep until you want to get up

As D-Day arrives, you get to a point in time where you realize that there is no turning back and THAT watermelon, aka your baby, has to come out one way or another. Now I don’t know about you, but for me I was terrified about the whole delivery process because it was unchartered territory. The ONLY thing that was keeping me calm about the whole process was, there are all these women that I know and don’t know who do this daily , if they can do it then so can I! In the end I was scheduled for a C-Section , due to the fact that my daughter was breeched and well luckily for me that was a situation that I like to think was a better option for me. Regardless, THE moment you hear your child for the first time and then are able to hold them, ALL other thoughts are out the door and your ONLY focus is on that baby. To say it is one of THE most spectacular breath-taking moments in anyones life is a true understatement. It takes you through nearly 40 weeks of your life in a matter of seconds to realize that all of th


ose aches, pains, headaches and moments where you just don’t think you’re going to make it , all seem like you would do all over again tomorrow.

Pregnancy for me was one of the best experiences of my life, because it brought so many people in my life, including myself, so much happiness, even through all of the side effects of what pregnancy can bring. I realized that you can be pregnant & haute even at those moments when you think it isn’t even possible.

The idea of Haute Mom Living came to be, a few months after the birth of my daughter , when I realized while looking into my daughter’s eyes that to her I am the most beautiful women she will know and hopefully if she is anything like me, will aspire to be just like her mom as I do to be like mine. Haute Mom Living, was a way to be that EVERY day woman who can be a nurturing mother, a loving/sexy wife, a great hostess at home and all the while being an elegant woman who isn’t necessarily defined by ONLY those roles in her life. As a new mom I didn’t want to lose myself as just a mother and wife, but more so allowing myself to keep all things in my life SIMPLE, beautiful & haute! ( Better known as my slogan for Haute Mom Living).

As a mom & wife, keeping things simple is a daily task that I think many people seem to overlook. Simple can be beautiful and haute, but still take all the complexities of life and make them worth while. That is my over all goal of Haute Mom Living and for me my pregnancy was the first step in my life that made me realize that keeping things simple and elegant aka Haute is what for me life is all about!


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